It all started out of curiosity.

I never thought I would really make it as I began WeThinkCode_  not knowing what coding was to begin with.

I remember my first day as if it was yesterday, even though it was about 6 months ago when I first learnt what coding was and worked on an iMac. All was well until I had to stand on my own two feet and prove my worth. Sometimes I really wonder if I was born to code or not.

Life is not in binary, we have more than only two options but we still fail to choose the right one. Who said coding was for me? Is it really for me? I never in all my wildest dreams believed I would ever be coding. Would I have been this happy elsewhere? I wonder if I would have been this happy if I had never listened to the radio to hear about WTC_?

Who would have ever thought that playing the two games would land me a spot at one of South Africa’s most highly selective academy. Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy coding so much, it was never my childhood dream, it was never my dream career. You know how they say the only career you will only enjoy is the one you always dream about, well I don’t think that is true. Or maybe it’s the atmosphere here.

I just feel ecstatic when I am here. Maybe it’s the people. Could it be that I’m being fooled by my own mind, or is it the comfort of belonging that is keeping me here? As hard as coding is opening that terminal makes me feel at ease, it makes me feel like a rock star.

As bad as some days may be and as many segmentation faults I may get I don’t regret my decision. You know they say in life you write your own story, well I write my own code. All I need to solve all of these questions is code.

Written by Noluthando Khotle

This story is part of a regular series written for by students of WeThinkCode_, a revolutionary new teaching college in downtown Johannesburg, reflecting on what it’s like to be a young technologist starting out in South Africa today. Find out more about WeThinkCode_ here.