It’s Monday and chances are that no one really wants to be where they are right now.So what if you could just teleport yourself away using Rick’s portal from Rick and Morty?

Well, like something Rick would do, we can only kinda sorta help you out.

Thanks to the fine folks at 3D Central we have this free design of the well-known “gun”. This version of it is actually an adaptation of this earlier work that was published to Thingiverse in November 2015.

This version, however, is on MyMiniFactory.

The other difference appears to be that the design is cut up into eight different files which need to be printed in four different colours and then assembled. The result will be something that looks like the example below and needs no paint to look that way:

If you don’t have access to a printer, 3D Central is selling completed models through its Etsy store. Even better: they’re giving one away on their YouTube channel. Entries close soon on September 10th so follow that link if you want one free and gratis.

Also on YouTube is this the now-famous “courtroom skit” which features animation from Rick and Morty but a script courtesy of a real court case that took place in Georgia.

More, free 3D printable designs: