Apple execs will take the stage in San Francisco this evening to announce… something.

While rumours abound that tonight is the night Apple reveals its next iPhone there is no confirmation that this will happen. Of course, it’s about this time of year that Apple reveals a new iPhone to the surprise of nobody.

Rumours about the new handset from Apple are nothing new but it seems as if the rumour mill about this new phone fired up before Tim Cook left the stage last year.

While a fold-out display is probably not going to happen, there are a few rumours that could be true and that we think will come to fruition.

Ditching the headphone jack

Everybody says its a bad idea but Henry Ford was once quoted as saying, “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

This business with the 3.5mm jack is almost the same. Yes, the connector is ubiquitous but its also flawed.

The ageing technology is vulnerable to interference by radio waves, and even electricity. This can be combated by shielding but this makes the whole arrangement a lot bigger and in smartphones space is generally at a premium.

It’s likely, given a trademarking of the AirPod name, that the headphones will use a wireless technology such as AirPlay, Bluetooth or a Bluetooth-esque technology.

The humble 3.5mm plug may no longer be good enough for Apple.
The humble 3.5mm plug may no longer be good enough for Apple.

Bluetooth and wireless technology can be flawed but taking the headphone jack away from the rest of the internals might improve the listening experience. It’s also worth noting that if Apple is able to sell you a new accessory or connector, it will, just look at the MacBook Pro.

All of that having been said it would be a bold move, but if any firm has the strength of will to do it, Apple does.

Water resistance

The removal of a headphone jack would also make it easier for Apple to make its new smartphone water resistant.

Mind you, the rumour mill is suggesting that water resistance is an IPX7 rating which means it would withstand a submersion up to a metre for 30 minutes. Dust resistance might be minimal but not entirely absent according to the Ingress Protection guidelines.

Dual lens camera

While everybody is fretting over the loss of a headphone jack it looks like what we should be raising an eyebrow at a different change. There’s a rumour suggesting that the “iPhone 7” will have one camera but the “iPhone 7 Plus” will sport two snappers.

For one this is the first time we’ve seen a difference this big between the “vanilla” iPhone and the Plus. Secondly, what the damn hell Apple?

There’s no denying that a dual lens setup is good, Huawei proved this with its dual lens camera setup in the P9, but forcing punters to buy the most expensive of your two handsets would be a bit of a sneaky move.

However, there’s also a rumour that both iterations of the “iPhone 7” will house a dual-lens setup so we’re hoping that’s the rumour that turns out to be true.

No 16GB version

Celebration’s all round folks, it seems Apple has finally realised that 16GB of internal storage is just not enough.

Rumours suggest that Apple will switch to a 32GB model for its entry-level tier. There’s also reports suggesting that one of the iPhones – more than likely the iPhone 7 Plus – will also feature a 256GB model.

Battery growth

With the headphone jack all but gone, its likely that Apple will capitalise on the extra real-estate by increasing the size of the battery.

A tweet by OnLeaks suggests that the battery might measure in at about 1 960 mAh, an increase on the 1715mAh battery we saw in the iPhone 6s.

While that is an increase once you start using tech like Bluetooth and WiFi and AirPlay we have a suspicion that the battery life might be about what it is now, depending on your usage of course.

Of course with tweaking firms can increase the life of a battery between charges so a bigger battery sprinkled with a bit of engineering magic could mean a longer up-time.

A Smart Connector?

This is our “wild card” feature. In recent months rumours have been thrown around and then denied about a Smart Connector. Seen in the iPad Pro, the connector allows the user to connect a keyboard to the slate.


Of the rumours the most interesting is that the Smart Connector could support wireless charging which has led many to think that Apple would be ditching a port altogether.

We don’t think Apple would take such a bold step at the same time that it ditches the 3.5mm, but its not beyond the realm of possibility, as we mentioned, Apple is known for taking any opportunity to sell users another connector by the horns.

Have we missed any rumoured features you think will appear in the iPhone 7? Let us know what you think we’ll see in the comments below.

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