Many ADSL service providers allow their capped customers to access the internet for free during midnight and 6am.

Crystal Web has thrown a proverbial fox into the chicken coop; while it traditionally allowed customers free data so they wouldn’t chip away at their allotted monthly cap during the aforementioned time period, in the coming weeks it will change its free data from midnight to 6pm – instead of 6am.

It has to be noted though that this is for new Xtreme Home Capped products.

“Capped customers can now enjoy free data between midnight and 6pm. We will be releasing details about this in the coming days, so hold tight. We will automatically change your package for you so that you don’t have to do anything on your end,” Crystal Web announced.

In a mail sent out to subscribers, Crystal Web also detailed that changes that will be made to its fibre packages.

The company will be rolling out XtremeTTH to qualifying Crystal Web customers, where you can expect to get 100Mbps. Some areas, the company said, will be upgradeable to 300Mbps. By doing this, it said that it is readying those customers to one day seamlessly upgrade to 1Gbps speeds.

“We’re not waiting for other operators to do it for us. We’ll do this for our own customers, and we’ll be sending out communication next week about how this process will work, and what the qualifying criteria is,” it explained.

Shaun Kaplan, chief executive officer of Crystal Web explained that if you want the XtremeTTH service in your areas, you better register your interest with the company – and get your friends to do the same.

“It’s a first-come, first-served product and requires 50 people in your area to sign up. We also limit the maximum number of connections so that we can maintain maximum throughput for everyone. So when I say get people to sign up, I really mean it as we will not over-extend our build-process, so it really is first-come, first-served and you only need 50 people,” he explained.

[Image – CC by 2.0/cucosan]
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