It’s been just 24 hours and already there is a new accessory for the iPhone 7 that lets users charge their phone and listen to music. It has been courageously priced at close on R600 ($39.99).

The Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar adapter from Belkin is a bulky piece of plastic will allow a user to charge their new Apple device and use the new Lightning Earpods at the same time.

For those that are still planning to use the old school headphones with a 3.5mm jack, the Rockstar supports the Lightning to 3.5mm turnaround as well.

The Rockstar will allow 12W pass-through charging “at maximum speed”. That’s a rather vague statement from Belkin but we’d hazard a guess that it means the phone will charge at the rate you would expect, not as if it was being charged by a hamster running on a wheel.

As to audio the Rockstar will support up to 48kHz 24-bit lossless audio output and supports the full ecosystem of Lightning Audio headphones.

Of course, a hunk of plastic isn’t your only way to listen to music and charge the iPhone 7. There are a number of wireless headphones on the market and Apple has its own AirPods which retail at the ludicrous price of $159.

With that having been said if you’re the sort that flies a lot your only option might a connector such as this one from Belkin.

Great, now there’s another thing we need to check our pockets for before we leave the house, just in case we want to listen to music and charge our phone. Thanks Apple.

The Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar is expected to be available to order from 10th October according to The Verge.

[Source – Belkin]