OpenWeb slashes its uncapped ADSL prices by 60%

With fibre internet fast becoming more widespread in neighbourhoods across the country, it’s not really surprising that internet service providers are cutting the cost of their ADSL offerings.

Last week Crystal Web announced some big changes in its packages, speeds and its own fibre offering, but OpenWeb over the weekend decided to simply slash its current uncapped ADSL packages by as much as 60%.

The packages on sale are:

  • 2Mbps Home Uncapped Special – R129
  • 4Mbps Home Uncapped Special – R145
  • 8Mbps Home Uncapped Special – R235
  • 10Mbps Home Uncapped Special – R295
  • 20Mbps Home Uncapped Special – R395
  • 40Mbps Home Uncapped Special – R795

“The packages are completely unmetered and [there is] no throttling,” OpenWeb announced in a press statement over the weekend.

“Shaping is based on how busy the network is at any given time and will only affect heavier protocols when needed (eg. Downloads, torrents etc). Browsing, Gaming, Emails etc will remain unshaped at any given time/”


It also said that there are an unlimited amount of packages available, so you shouldn’t worry about a first come, first served basis that might deplete the offer. According to the ISP, the pricing that you take the contract on now will be locked in for life.

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