If you felt the Dell XPS 13 wasn’t fast enough for you or the battery life was a bit poor, here’s some good news, the next Dell XPS 13 will house Intel’s 7th Generation of Core CPUs.

The ultrabook – which bears the same name as two other iterations that came before it – will still have its drool-inducing Infinity Edge 13.3inch IPS display, with touch support.

There will be two native resolutions to choose from: 1920 x 1080 and 3200 x 1800, and a touchscreen will be available for both.

The real magic in the XPS 13 however is in its processor.

Exact specifications of the CPUs aren’t yet know as the only reason we know about this notebook is because Dell in Japan accidentally leaked the notebook on its site.

We do however, know that there will be three options to choose form fitted with either an Intel Core i3-7100U, or an Intel Core i5-7200U. If you need more power there will also be a version with an Intel Core i7-7500U.

Other specifications include up to 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM with a speed of up to 1866MHz as well as up to a 1TB PCIe SSD for storage. Base line models however, will only house 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SATA drive according to Hot Hardware.

Its got the look

Aesthetically speaking the XPS 13 will come in a new colour, Rose Gold. We aren’t excited about that, we just figured it was worth a mention. For those that aren’t to concerned about matching your smartphone with your notebook, well the plain old silver aluminium colour is also available.

Thankfully there are a bevy of ports inside the XPS. There will be two USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt 3 port as well as an SD card reader. For connectivity there will be a Killer 1535 AC wireless adapter as well as support for Bluetooth 4.1.

Dell has claimed that the battery in the Full HD version of the notebook will last 22 hours between charges. That’s thanks to Kaby Lake’s extremely low power-draw as well as a huge 60kWh battery.

The updated Dell XPS 13 is reported to be launching in the US in October and will start at $799 (~R11 400) for the base model. If you fancy a Rose Gold version however that will start at $1 499 (~R21 499).

The one thing we really, desperately would have liked to have seen in this notebook however, is a new name. Seriously Dell, we know its a nice name but please change things up a bit. We know we’d be more than a little angry if we ordered an XPS 13 only to get the model from 2013.

Note: The main image is of the 2015 Dell XPS 13. The page which displayed images of the new version were removed by Dell before we could snatch a picture.

[Via – Hot Hardware]