Few things make you feel as powerful as the power fist items from the Fallout series. Anything that turns your feeble punches into something akin to One Punch Man is a power trip worth going on.

But that’s inside of a videogame, what about real life? Daniel Lilygreen has created a full-size power fist as seen in Fallout 3 that you can download from MyMiniFctory and 3D print for free.

Lilygreen has been featured on our site numerous times for his impressive designs, including a power armour helmet and The Ripper (both from Fallout 4) and the heavy assault rifle from DOOM.

If these props just aren’t real enough for you, check out this video of a working power fist based on the bright yellow one from Fallout 4. Please note: no super mutants were harmed in the making of that video.

More, free 3D printable designs: