We feature a lot of 3D printed weapon props on this site, but all of them have been from fiction up to this point. To change that we present to you: a 3D printed recreation of the Roman gladius, a sword from ancient Rome.

This design, created by Daniel Lilygreen and uploaded for free to MyMiniFactory, is absolutely spot on when looking at images of the real thing.

Lilygreen has put his own twist on it though by adding some weathering and chips to the blade. Looking at it from a distance and it appears to be Finn’s sword from Adventure Time due to that fictional weapon’s very distinctive blemishes.

Finally, we have to end off by telling you that we know the headline is technically wrong, or at least repetitive. “Gladius” is the Latin word for sword, so our headline reads ‘sword sword” if you translate it. That being said, this type of weapon is known as a gladius, so we think we’re in the clear.

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