After our brief foray into historical 3D printed weapon props, we’re back to designs from pop culture.  The design for today is Hanzo’s bow from the ever-popular Overwatch.

Created by Jill Cope and uploaded to MyMiniFactory for anyone to download for free this design stands at a whopping 5’6″ (1,67 metres).

To counteract the lanky proportions, half inch (1,27 centimetre) diameter support rods are inserted into the print. It also looks like the arrows themselves are based around these wooden rods with only the heads and  fletchings being 3D printed.

If you want more 3D props from Overwatch, we suggest McCree’s revolver or Torbjörn’s rivet gun. Hell, someone even made D.Va’s light gun  out of LEGO.

This weapon has an official name and, according to the Overwatch wiki, it’s called the “Storm Bow”. We’re sure the hardcore fans call it that, but we’re sticking with ‘Hanzo’s bow”.

More, free 3D printable designs: