One day we’re going to write a feature on complete cosplay kits you can 3D print but, until that day comes, we have another small piece of Overwatch that you can print and wear on your person.

The design today is Jesse McCree’s BAMF belt buckle created by Marco Antonio and uploaded for anyone to download for free from MyMiniFactory.

Antonio is also the person who created the 3D print of Torbjörn’s rivet gun.

While the rivet gun was much larger and had moving parts, this is a much simpler design. It’s simply be a cover you can slip over an existing buckle. Regardless, it’s really cool and with some finishing and a metallic coat of paint you could pass it off as something from the game.

If you need the next part of your McCree cosplay, we’ve also featured a full size (or should we say oversized) 3D print of his revolver, the Peacekeeper.

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