McLaren has quashed reports that it is currently in any talks with technology giant Apple over a possible acquisition.

“I can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple about any potential investment,” McLaren CEO Michael Flewitt said in a statement.

Late last night reports emerged that Apple was looking to either acquire McLaren or to make a rather substantial investment in it.

A McLaren spokesperson also denied the claims to Business Insider. “There’s no takeover, no strategic investment. It’s completely untrue,”

The denial on the other hand doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple hasn’t had its eye on the UK car maker in the past, as a McLaren representative explained.

“The nature of our business means we regularly have conversations with all sorts of parties, but those conversations remain confidential. We’re not in a position to confirm or deny any previous conversation,” he told the publication.

But according to Bloomberg, Apple is in talks with a car manufacturer and named electric motorbike maker Lit Motors as the target.

“Apple wants to acquire Lit Motors because the San Francisco start-up has several international self-driving patents,” it wrote.

But Apple is not alone in its quest for Lit Motors, as BMW and Audi are also said to be interested.

Apple has in the past made several products and features that work in conjunction with cars, so this wouldn’t seem too strange. But as the old adage goes, nothing is official until it is in writing.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Otis Blank]

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