Another week has mercifully ended and it’s time to unwind with some games this weekend.

Luckily there’s a a sale taking place right now if you need some new titles to play.

There’s the Humble Store’s End of Summer Sale which we covered previously. We’re not mentioning it again because it’s still going on, rather because it actually ended and has been reborn as the “Encore” sale.

Not to repeat ourselves on top of repeating ourselves, but remember that some games on the Humble Store are more expensive with a discount compared to games on steam without a discount. This is because the Humble Store is priced in dollars intended for the US market, and we get hammered in the exchange.

Steam, on the other hand, has local pricing in rands and will most likely save you money.

Speaking of Steam, Valve’s gaming shop is  hosting a few sales.

First up is the Rockstar Games Publisher Weekend where you’ll be able to get the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne games at a discount, along with a few other titles like Bully and L.A. Noire.

Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto V is still stupidly expensive at R535.35 for an older title whose multiplayer is all but dead thanks to hackers and Rockstar’s terrible anti-cheating systems which keep punishing legitimate players. Check out the game’s Steam reviews to see users talk about their experiences.

Iceberg Interactive, the developer known for games like Starpoint Gemini and Oriental Empires, is also having a sale. 

Finally, the odd one out is a single game discounted on Steam for the weekend in the form of Big Pharma for only R91.46.