If you think you’re the best FIFA player among your friends, you now have the chance to prove it.

The African Championship Esports tournament[sic] is being hosted by Kwese Sports in partnership with Xbox and there is a R100 000 prize pool on offer with the winner of the tournament walking away with at least R25 000.

Now, you might be versed in the ways of FIFA 16 but this tournament is based on FIFA 17 which is yet to be released at time of writing.

The tournament will be in a sudden death knock-out format and entrance space is limited to 512 people.

Qualifiers will take place during October in both Johannesburg and Cape Town with the finals scheduled to be held in Johannesburg in November.

For the Jozi gamers the qualifiers will be held at rAge on 7th – 9th October. For those down in Cape Town qualifiers will be held at Canal Walk from 28th – 30th October.

Here comes the money

While eternal bragging rights among your mates is a great prize, Kwese is putting a large chunk of change up for grabs.

Winning the qualifiers will net you R10 000 while placing second, third and fourth would earn you R5 000, R3 000 and R2 000 respectively.

While that’s a decent paycheck for a game of digital footie, the real money comes when you win the finals.

The winner will walk away with R25 000 with second place getting R15 000. Third place gets R7 000 and 4th place wins a small, but still decent R3 000.

There is no age limit to this tournament and if you want to have a chance of winning a tidy sum for a few games of FIFA 17 then you best enter as soon as possible before those 512 slots fill up. Oh, and best you read the rules, just in case you aren’t versed with FIFA as an esport.

With qualifiers for this tournament along with the Telkom DGL happening at rAge this year, we can’t help but think aloud that its a good time to be an esports fan in South Africa.