We love a good mechanical keyboard, and we love Reddit, so it makes sense that we spend a lot of time on /r/MechanicalKeyboards – the subreddit dedicated to clicky clacky keyboards. Yesterday we found something strange there.

One user, “ipee9932cd” (no real name that we could find) had made a case for their keyboard. But not just any case, no – this one is made out of solid concrete.

In their post, titled “Couldn’t find a case that I liked so I made my own out of concrete” they provide a link to images of their concrete creation. You can see them below.

Couldn’t find a case that I liked so I made my own out of concrete.

After many users had their doubts over whether or not this was actual concrete, the original poster added a new album which shows the process of creating it. They also claim that it weighs about five and a half kilograms, so it’s not going on any glass desks.

We’re not sure what to make of this. If it is real it’s a very strange project that. On the other hand: why? Just why.

The last time we featured a keyboard from Reddit it was an accidental modification where trying to clean plastic keycaps with alcohol made them look like something from Borderlands.