As any player who has visited it knows, the Commonwealth in Fallout 4 seems vast and infinite.

The game’s sprawling environment is filled with unmarked and hidden locations, which have been a staple in Bethesda games for ages.

Theses hidden locales are a great reason to explore the games’ maps outside of the main locations, and Fallout 4 is no exception.

But all the exploring may have just been done for us thanks to a Reddit user  cal”The_Lawd“.  Yesterday he (or she) submitted what appears to be complete list of every single unmarked location along with video documentation of each, divided into zones within the game.

The provided list is absolutely extensive and we’ve put part of it (Zone 1) in this story below. It would be disingenuous for us to post the entire list here, so make sure to check it out on Reddit and leaver an upvote if it helped you, or maybe just as a reward for this hard work.

Click the name of the location to see a YouTube video of it.

Zone 1: Charlestown Mountain Range

See the rest of this list


[Source – Reddit, Image – Nexus Mods]