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SA iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2 price and date confirmed

We're currently have a pool going as to how many RAW images would fill up the iPhone 7 Plus.

iStore early this morning sent out two sneaky press releases announcing that the hotly anticipated iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, along with the Series 2 Apple Watch, will be available from the 14th of October in its stores countrywide.

While the release didn’t expressly confirm the mass availability across other retail channels, the fact that it makes reference to cellular deals being available on the same date through iStore makes it safe to assume that the networks will be offering the phones from the same day onwards and that the same applies to the new version of the Watch when it comes to the handful of other retailers that stock it.

At this stage we’re also still waiting to hear back from Discovery Health on a timeframe for its launch of the Series 2 Watch on Vitality ActiveRewards, but again, all indications are that the company will update its systems to accommodate the new device for launch day (like it did when the original Watch launched locally).

We wrote about the reasons you might want an iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Watch Series 2 at US launch time, but obviously weren’t able to confirm local timing and pricing at that stage. iStore’s press releases confirm those details.

The new phones will start at R12 999 for the iPhone 7 32GB and range up to R19 499 for the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB model (all of the pricing is listed at the end of the article). iStore will also be giving folks between R8000 and R5000 back if they trade their ‘previously-loved’ iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or 6 in (depending on condition of the phone and a couple of other factors) on one of the new phones. Sadly, they’ll have to wait (up to 14 working days) for this trade-in refund to appear in their bank accounts and won’t get the discount at the time of purchase.

The Series 2 Watch will start at R6899 for the 38mm Aluminium unit and range to R10999 for the 42mm Stainless Steel unit (there’s also a 38mm and 42mm new Ceramic ‘Edition’ version of the Series 2 Watch for R22999 and R23999 respectively, but let’s not talk about that). There’s also an upgrade option for the Watch, offering customers R2000 back on a 38mm Watch Sport and R2500 back on a 42mm Watch Sport, with the same conditions as the iPhone trade-in.

The iStore has also become quite aggressive when it comes to warranties.

Where previously, you had to upgrade your phone contract at an iStore to qualify for purchasing the extended warranty, now it’s free. This warranty was a no-brainer for most folks as it gave them an extra year of cover on top of the standard year of cover. But now, anyone upgrading to a new phone at an iStore will get this warranty for free and be able to add cover for a second Apple device purchased in the last year (i.e. still under the original one year warranty) for free. That’s good value. That having been said, the warranty does not cover screen breakage; you’ll still need to stump up for an iCare plan for that eventuality.


iPhone 7 cash prices at iStore
iPhone 7
32GB 128GB 256GB
Cash price with no trade-in R12,999 R14,999 R16,999
After trading in an iPhone 6s Plus R4,999 R6,999 R8,999
After trading in an iPhone 6s R5,999 R7,999 R9,999
After trading in an iPhone 6 R7,999 R9,999 R11,999


iPhone 7 Plus cash prices at iStore
iPhone 7 Plus
32GB 128GB 256GB
Cash price with no trade-in R15,499   R17,499   R19,499
After trading in an iPhone 6s Plus R7,499 R9,499 R11,499
After trading in an iPhone 6s R8,499 R10,499 R12,499
After trading in an iPhone 6 Plus R9,499 R11,499 R13,499


Apple Watch Series 2 cash prices at iStore 
38mm Aluminium From R6,899    
42mm Aluminium From R7,499    
32mm Stainless Steel From R9,999    
42mm Stainless Steel From R10,999    
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