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The Ghost Minitaur robot that behaves more like a cute pet rather than a machine

In the realm of cool robot videos with serious research behind them, Boston Dynamics is king.

But a company called Ghost Robotics is seeking to worm its way into our hearts with a little bot called “Ghost Minitaur”.

On a mechanical level we’re looking at a quadrupedal machine that uses high torque, brushless motors for a seriously springy step.  The legs are the really special part here as they let the Ghost Minitaur run at two metres per second (7.2 kilometres per hour) and jump high enough to open a door.

That’s how Ghost Robotics is selling this robot as the YouTube video claims that “it opens a door like a cat”.

Now that all the talk is out of the way, we need you to watch this video, because this may be the cutest robot we’ve ever seen.

If you agree that that was cute but are wondering about the reason for its existence, the product page for it states “gait research” and “sensor platform” under its two use cases.

If you really want one you’ll be buying a six kilogram robot that can carry up to three kilograms that will keep on working for up to 20 minutes on a battery charge.

As for price, well you’ll have to enquire to the CEO himself. We guess it’s a small company.


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