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We tried #UberEATS and we’re hooked

Uber’s delivery service UberEATS officially started operating at 11am today in Joburg, making it the first African city where the service is available.

I was at the media launch yesterday and got to sample some of what users can expect from some one of the offerings on the menu (loved it, by the way).

For a bit of background, UberEATS is a separate app from the Uber transport app, so you’ll have to download it on either Google Play, or iTunes.

The service currently features restaurants located in North Joburg (Sandton, Rosebank, Ilovo etc.) which you won’t ordinarily find on services such as Mr Delivery.

UberEATS only works if you’re within 3.5km of the restaurants featured currently.

There is no minimum order size, your order will be delivered via a partner courier and the delivery fee is R20, standard.

Getting started

So after downloading the app, I thought I had to re-enter my name, email and card details (as you do on the Uber app). But, luckily, if you’re already an Uber user, you can sign in with your existing account and it logs you in automatically.

If you want to use a different credit/cheque card not currently linked to any Uber account, you’ll have to register.

All first-time UberEATS users get a R100 once-off promo code to use on their order.

The app’s design is sleek and simple enough to navigate your way around it the first time around.

You have to enter your current location for delivery, so the app will be able to calculate how much time it’ll take to get your order to you, based on how far the restaurants are from you.


I chose to order from Bistro Michel, located in Birnam, for a few reasons.

First, they’re close to our current offices in Highlands North and secondly, it was the only restaurant that had photos of their food on the app, which was a big motivation as I was trying out food from a place I’d never eaten at before.

Once I browsed through the menus, I placed my order.

You can select how many orders you want and submit any special requirement you want for your order, e.g. no onions, extra sauce etc.

If you’re satisfied with your order, you can proceed to check out.

The app will break down exactly how what you are paying for before you place your order.


After I tapped “place order” just before 2:10pm, the app then took me to the order tracking page.

Here, it showed me that my order was being confirmed by the restaurant.

Should you change your mind about your order, you can cancel it.

At the bottom of the tracking screen, you’ll see the estimated time of delivery, mine was 2:50pm (this does fluctuate, depending on your courier’s journey).

After my order was confirmed, it took less than a minute for the restaurant to start preparing my food.

At 2:29pm, UberEATS notified me that my order was on its way, who was delivering it, their car make and number plate (exactly like the Uber app).

At 2:38pm, my driver arrived at the gate and handed my food to me, 12 minutes before the original estimated delivery time.

The food

Not knowing what to expect from my “The Classic Burger” order, I wondered about the portion size – would it be tiny, just ok or bigger than what I anticipated?.

The smell of the food alone was already exciting and when I opened the take away box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food portion was well worth the original R94 price tag it carries.

Rate the service

After receiving and eating your food, you can rate it and the service of your courier.

I was thoroughly impressed with the entire experience and gave it a thumbs up on both sides.

The final verdict on UberEATS? Fantastic.

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