Recently we featured the stubby-eared cowl of the newest Batman as a 3D print. Well we’ve been digging and now we have the armoured up version Batfleck dons in the final fight with Superman.

If you haven’t watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice you can still guess that Bats and Supes squaare off at one point in the movie. In the main fight Bruce Wayne not only uses kryptonite, but an armored suit to protect him from being turned into billionaire paste.

Now you can have one for yourself with this free design by David Ruiz which has been uploaded to Pinshape. You can learn more about how it was made in this video, but keep in mind that it is not in English.

Take note that your cowl will not come off of the 3D printer looking this good. You’ll need to paint your cowl with a metallic paint and add some battle damage to get the proper effect.

Now we’re not going to let you go into battle with superpowered aliens with just a cowl. Check out more 3D prints for the budding vigilante below: