The City of Joburg isn’t messing around with regards to water restrictions.

Since implementing restrictions for residents last month, 52 fines have already been issued.

The water restrictions were introduced last month due to a directive from the Department of Water of Sanitation for all Gauteng municipalities to reduce their water usage, as levels in the Vaal River reached below 40%.

According to the restrictions, residents are are urged to do the following:

  • To use water sparingly between 6am and 6pm every day, particularly by avoiding watering gardens as well as filling bath tubs
  • To not wash cars or pavements with a hosepipe
  • To not fill their swimming pools with municipal water, only borehole water (public pools are exempted from this)

Should anyone be found to be breaking these restrictions, a fine of between R1000 and R1500 could be imposed.

The City of Joburg today said has issued 139 notices, 41 citations and 52 fines to water wasters, many of which were reported by community members.

Should the city not succeed in reducing water usage, it may be forced to introduce tougher restrictions, which include water shedding and high fines.

[Image – CC Dean (leu) .]