In our interview with Rees Calder from 3D design sharing site MyMiniFactory we were told that his site if the place to go if you want 3D printable designs for  arms and armour from the game Destiny.

But it’s not the only place you should be looking at if you’re in the market for such things. Marketplace and community Pinshape also has some great designs and we found one – a full size helmet for the Warlock class.

We’re not too clued up when it comes to that game, so some quick Googling tells us that this specific design is the Nerigal Savant III.

The bad news is that, unlike most of the designs we feature on this site, it is not free. If you really want it you can buy it from Pinshape for the princely sum of $65 (R896). More bad news includes the fact that it is not cut into parts for printing on smaller 3D printers, so you’ll either have to do that work yourself or track down a printer to do it for you.

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