While many see rAge as an opportunity to hang out and play videogames, it’s also a great place to blow your salary.

We’ve had a few hours to walk around on the opening day of  rAge 2016 and to see all the wares that you could buy. We’ve compiled them into a neat little list with prices and where to find them when you get to the Dome.

Just remember that you need to pay to get into the expo first: R120 for a single day and R300 for the weekend pass. Remember to factor that into your budget.

Now, this isn’t a definitive buyer’s guide. Rather, it’s the cool stuff we found and wanted to show you. It’s also what we would buy if we had the thousands to burn. Enjoy!


Genuine Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity rAge

Price: R595

Shop:   AI Fest

Stall number: 57


Life size Batman cowl bust

rAge Batman Cowl

Price: R12 000! (But we were told they’re taking offers…)

Shop: Smallville Comics

Stall number: 63


These shiny Pokémon cards


Price: R561

Shop: Extreme Wargaming

Stall number: F7


Adventure Time Wooden Nesting Dolls

Adventure Time rAge

Price: R450

Shop: Dark Carnival

Stall number: 26


Iron Man LED repulsor hand wall decoration thing

Iron Man rAge

Price: R750

Shop: techfixplay

Stall number: B50


Kylo Ren voice changing mask

Kylo Ren rAge
The picture we took got ruined

Price: R1 200

Shop: Dark Carnival

Stall number: 26


Everything else

rAge 20016

rAge really is something you have to experience, at least once. It’s a shopping experience like no other if you’re into this particular sect of collecting and you have the money to spare.

To that end we didn’t even talk about all the games, literature, costume and accessory stores and what they have to offer. It’s not as strange as the stuff on this list, but it’s definitely stuff you’d buy.

Finally: thanks to J.J. Abrams for taking the above picture.

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