While Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban have seen massive efforts to pave the way for fibre connectivity, areas outside of these cities have largely been left to spectate.

Vox (which has dropped the “telecom” from its name) has announced a plan to bring fibre to the oft forgotten areas of South Africa starting with Richards Bay. The fibre network will be built and deployed in partnership with Frogfoot Networks and customers will be able to select their service provider of choice.

“Most of the players have focused their fibre efforts on the large metros – Johannesburg; Cape Town and Durban – targeting the higher income groups.  What they are forgetting, are the smaller towns that support a big part of the economic growth, and GDP for the country,” Vox chief executive officer, Jacques du Toit said of the decision to serve these areas.

This project is being called a national long distance fibre project and will seek to bring fibre connectivity to Witbank, Middelburg, Empangeni and Richards Bay.

The firm has also said that it will deploy improved wireless conenctivity to areas such as Secunda, Ermelo, Piet Retief, Paulpiertersburg, Melmoth, and Balito. Sadly due to economic constraints fibre connectivity is not feasible just yet.

“These tools and technologies will not only improve connectivity, but will impact education, business efficiencies and service delivery,” said du Toit.

We have to commend Vox for this project. Bringing connectivity to more people is a great move, just so long as pricing is affordable for the masses.

[Source – Vox]