With Pokémon on our brains after the long-awaited release of GO in this country, and the impending release of Sun and Moon, we decided to look at Charizard today.

It has been a staple Pokémon since the beginning of the series and its status as one of the first three starters. It got even better when Mega Evolutions were introduced, granting it two alternate forms and finally gifting it the lauded Dragon typing in its X variant.

We found not only a free 3D printable design of Mega Charizard X, but also Mega Charizard Y.

Both were designed by the same person and two members of the Pinshape community did some test prints for us. You can see the results of that below. If you just want links to the download pages, here they are:

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about 3D printed Pokémon. If you like Eeveelutions you can get just about any of them, and MyMiniFactory recently ran a contest to design prints about them.

More, free 3D printable designs:


[Images – Bulbapediadaveyclkskittoi]