At rAge 2016 we saw dozens of different card deck cases for myriad games, but we think the coolest one in this design for a Magic: The Gathering deck.

As you may have guessed by the pictures, this isn’t a boring box. Instead, the top is adorned with an opening mechanism which splits the top lid apart, hence the name ‘butterfly case’. The exposed gear work also gives the box a delightfully steampunk atmosphere.

Speaking of design, you may be wondering why we billed this as a case for Magic: The Gathering when it could hold any kind of card. Well, aside from the creator titling it as such, there’s a raised ‘MTG’ logo on the side of it. You could scrape that off in your preferred design software, but you could just ignore it. Lord knows I used Magic: The Gathering accessories all the time when I played the Pokémon card game.

Now for the bad news: this isn’t free: it can be downloaded off of 3D design marketplace Pinshape for $4.55 (R63). That’s a really good price for something this ornate. Even with the cost of printing it will likely be cheaper than a lot of the cases we saw at rAge.

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