There are a lot of factors that make the Half-Life series iconic, and one of them is the humble crowbar you can use to bludgeon your way through the game.

Now, thanks to an intrepid maker named Michal Fanta (no relation to the drink, we assume), we can easily 3D print one anytime we want.

The design is up on MyMiniFactory and is free to download. From the pictures and the description it looks like this is a five-part print that requires a threaded metal bar down the middle to give it some rigidity. It won’t be as strong as a real crowbar, so please don’t try to open any crates or fight inter-dimensional baddies with this print.

One last clever little touch is the fact that the download comes with the design for two different end pieces. You can see them both below.

Finally, “crowbar” is definitely one of those words that falls victim to “semantic satiation” – that weird feeling when a word loses meaning after being repeated over and over again. Crowbar. Crowbar. Croooowbaaar.

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