It’s iPhone 7 eve here in South Africa and Apple fans will have trouble sleeping as they await the opening of Apple stores around South Africa tomorrow where they can get their hands on the latest smartphone from Apple.

At the end of September, the iStore announced the cash price of the iPhone 7 (starting at R12 999), iPhone 7 Plus (starting at R15 499) and the Apple Watch Series 2 (starting at R6 899 for the 38mm iteration).

Mobile network operators however, have been somewhat tight lipped on the pricing of contracts which might include the the latest slew of Apple products. Now, on the eve of the local iPhone 7 launch, iStore has told us of which packages it will be offering on a 24-month contract from Vodacom, Cell C, MTN and Telkom Mobile.

iPhone 7

Vodacom MTN Telkom Cell C
iPhone 7 32GB R679 Smart S R669 MTN 100 R649 FreeMe 1GB (New Lines Only) iStore Exclusive R599 Pinnacle 150 iStore Exclusive
iPhone 7 128GB R779 Smart S R739 MTN 100 R799 FreeMe 1GB R779 Pinnacle 250 + R3000 cash back
iPhone 7 256GB R879 Smart S R809 MTN 100 R879 Pinnacle 250 + R3000 cash back

iPhone 7 Plus

Vodacom MTN Telkom Cell C
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB R779 Smart S R769 MTN 100 R799 FreeMe 1GB R799 Pinnacle 250 + R3000 cash back
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB R879 Smart S R839 MTN 100 R899 FreeMe 1GB R899 Pinnacle 250 + R3000 cash back
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB R979 Smart S R909 MTN 100 R959 Pinnacle 250 + R3000 cash back

We have asked iStore what exactly the “cash back” on the Cell C contracts constitutes but at time of writing we had not received a response. We will update this story when the iStore clarifies this.

The iStore is also giving you the chance to extend the warranty on an iPhone 7 as well as one other Apple gadget be it an iPad, a second iPhone or an Apple Watch or your Mac. This is adds an additional one year warranty on all of these electronics, including your new iPhone, for free.

There is a caveat though, the electronics have to have been bought in the last 12 months and must still be covered by the original 12 month warranty.

Will you getting the latest Apple smartphone? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter.

UPDATE 14/10: iStore sent us the following comment regarding the cash back on Cell C contracts. “The R3000 cash back is only valid for new lines and contract ports. The customer will be given a Master Card and as soon as the contract is authenticated, R3000 is then loaded onto the card and the customer can use the card anywhere, just like “cash”.”