Ubisoft has called on budding filmmakers to participate in the Watch Dogs Film Fest and the publisher is tempting creators with some incredible prizes.

The big daddy or Grand Jury  prize is a cool €50 000 which at time of writing translates into over R780 000 as well as two tickets to the Assassin’s Creed movie premiere. The prizes for runners-up include Watch_Dogs 2 Ps4 bundles, a Playstation 4 Pro and Parrot drones.

The competition runs from 15th October through to 15th November and winners will be announced on 17th November.

Now before you rush off and try to recreate Hackers, there are some rules. The first is that your movie must be between 5 seconds and 5 minutes long, no more, no less. The second is that the film must involve a smartphone in some way. Your film must also be based around the world and culture of hacking.

Other than that, Ubisoft wants your creative juices to flow like Aiden Pearce’s trench coat.

Judged by a jury

The entries will be judged by a panel of judges including the director of the 2013 film, Now You See Me, Louis Leterrier. Also on the panel is Watch_Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin and a number of YouTube influencers.

It’s worth pointing out at this stage that Ubisoft announced that it would be making a Watch_Dogs movie in the future. Perhaps this is a way for them to get ideas for their own film but that’s just us thinking out loud.

More details about the competition will be released in the coming days, including how to actually enter the competition and we’ll be sure to update you when Ubisoft reveals that information.

In the mean time, don your iconic thinking caps and get creating.