Back in January of this year we brought you the story of Zulu Response, an indie game set during the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War. Yesterday the game was released on Steam’s Early Access platform and its reception has been mixed.

Now, when we say “mixed” that isn’t conjecture on our part. Steam’s own rating system based on user reviews currently has it pegged as “mixed”. While that may sound damning, it really isn’t. At the time of this writing, 12 people have left a review of the game with seven being positive and five being negative.

Most of the current negative reviews seem to stem from the game’s incomplete state. Granted, this is an in-progress game, but the developer is still demanding money from people who want to play it..

Some complaints include low resolution character models, clunky menus, mismanaged audio and more. More alarming is the fact that one reviewer states that the multiplayer isn’t working yet.

While a single-player campaign has been promised, the real draw of the game, for us anyway, is the multiplayer pitting the British against the Zulus.

According to the FAQ connected to the Early Access disclaimer on the game’s page, Australian developers Web Interactive Solutions would like to keep Zulu Response in this state for six to eight months. Presumably, it will get a full release after that point.

If you want to buy this game you’ll need to fork over R159, which should be the same price as the final release when it arrives. While we’re still worried that this game’s subject matter may rub the people the wrong way, we’re glad it’s still in development and we’re eager to give it a try at some point.