Shadow Warrior 2 was only released yesterday, but we’ve had the time to finish the main story and have a look around for Easter Eggs and references.

Below you’ll see our list – and we don’t claim it’s fully comprehensive. We’re sure that, as the game gets into the hands of the masses, it will reveal more secrets.

While we don’t consider this aspect of games a spoiler, if you do we suggest you bookmark this page and come back when you’ve gone through the game yourself.

If you need help deciding on whether or not it’s worth your time to do so, check out our review.

Larry, the arms dealer, has the developer’s name and logo on his jacket



The Super Shotgun from DOOM makes an appearance


It’s even held closer to the middle of the screen



Lo Wang uses an Alienware laptop



Bunny Lords make a return



Reference to Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton



Other games from Devolver Digital

shadow-warrior-2-easter-egg-htxt-africa-018 shadow-warrior-2-easter-egg-htxt-africa-024


A series of missions where you cook drugs. It’s named “Heisenberg” and is obviously a reference to Breaking Bad



The bathing girl Easter Egg returns as a hologram



Weapons named after the Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sometimes Lo Wang will shout “cowabunga!” after killing an enemy with them



Well that’s all we managed to find. If you find more let us know by commenting below or telling us on Facebook or Twitter.