Microsoft has announced that there is now an Instagram app for Windows tablets and PCs.

You read correctly you can now use Instagram right from your desktop at work although there are a few limitations. For one, users won’t be able to post or edit photos on a PC without a touchscreen and a backward-facing camera. It’s a bizarre limitation really especially considering that you can browse Instagram from a web browser.

The Instagram app for Windows 10 integrates with Live Tiles so users can see their timeline at a glance when they open the Start menu.

Besides not being able to upload and edit photos, the rest of Instagram’s features all appear to be present and accounted for. Stories will appear at the top of a user’s feed (like they do in the mobile app) and users are able to use the Explore and Search functions as well. You can even set the app up to deliver desktop notifications to you.

What is interesting is that it unlike accessing Instagram via a browser, using the app allows you to edit your profile. What’s more is that the app will warn you if you’re using a password that was compromised on another website. Nice one Insta.

The app is available for free download on the Windows App store right now.

[Source – Microsoft]


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