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While the Scuf stand at rAge last weekend really showed us how much customisation you can fit into an Xbox One controller, they were certainly charging a pretty penny for the privilege. But what if you could do it on the cheap?

Thankfully, one enterprising individual has put on the design for a 3D printable frontplate on Pinshape for anyone to download for free.

All you need to do is download the free files and get them printed somewhere and you have a new faceplate for your Xbox One controller. While that is nice for any accidents that don’t outright destroy it, the real value is in the customisation.

The uploader showed this off, printing theirs with wood PLA, giving the final product a nice woodgrain finish,. They also two more examples: one with Iron Man, and another with Game of Thrones insignia.

While this isn’t a new designer, the uploader had another version posted back in December of 2014, this is a new version with stronger built-in supports to make printing easier.

If you’re now worried about the rest of the controller being left out, don’t be. This maker really has thought of everything: you can find more components of the shell including a battery cover in their profile.

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