It seems that not a day can go by without some nefarious online souls leaking spoilers from movies fans are filled to the gills with hype about.

The latest casualty in this regard is Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange movie, which is set for international release in early November.

Apparently the post credit clips from the film have been leaked online ahead of the movie’s release. As is the case with all of these types of clips that habitually pop up in the credits for every Marvel superhero film, the footage acts as mini-trailers for future Marvel films in the pipeline.

Stories like this place us at htxt in something of a quandary; while we’re all for reporting news that we know our readers want to hear about, the idea of spoiling upcoming films for ardent fans sticks in our craw somewhat.

So we’re going to split the difference and be as vague as possible about this find while posting absolutely no links to the footage in question. If you’re someone who doesn’t care about spoilers or if you simply can’t wait, a quick Google search would help you out anyway. If you don’t want anything spoiled for you, stop reading now.

The footage apparently sets up not one, but two movies that Marvel has planned for its caped heroes. The second clip reveals plans for a second Doctor Strange movie and the first explains why Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were spotted by fans on the Doctor Strange set in New York earlier this year. If you want more spoilers, help yourself. We simply don’t abide by ruining things too much.