Blizzard has revealed Heroic Brawl a new competitive ladder for Hearthstone players that seems familiar to Arena but differs in many ways.

We say that the brawl seems familiar to Arena because in order to be “successful” a player needs to win 12 matches. The more matches a player wins, the greater the rewards will be but if you lose three matches, that’s it, the run is over.

However, unlike Arena where players need to forge a deck from random cards from the Wild format, Heroic Brawls will require a players to create a Standard format deck from their own cards. Once a deck has been constructed players will lock the deck in and begin their run.

There is some sad news however, the Heroic Brawl will replace the Tavern Brawl for the week that it runs.

Prizes better than funnel cakes

Blizzard is offering up some serious prizes for those brave enough to try out this new brawl. Players that manage to go the distance and secure 12 wins will receive: 50 card packs, ~1 100 dust, ~1 100 gold and three golden legendary cards.

The Heroic Brawl reward chart. Click to enlarge the image.

Of course there is a risk involved. The Heroic Brawl only lasts for a standard Tavern Brawl week (that’s Wednesday evening to Sunday evening locally) and has an admission fee of $9.99 (~R140) or 1 000 Gold. So while the potential rewards are huge you have a limited time to earn them and you need to lay down a lot of gold or cash to compete.

Blizzard has not said when the Heroic Brawl will go live only that “Heroic Brawl is coming soon”. Hopefully that means we have enough time to prepare and pile up some gold from quests.

While we are sad that the Heroic Brawl will replace a good ol’ Tavern Brawl the prospect of getting three golden legendaries for 1 000 gold is too exciting to be put out for very long.

Now if you’ll excuse us, there are a few decks we’ve been working on that now need perfecting.

[Source – Hearthstone]