Yesterday we brought you the story of five 3D printed Power Rangers helmets created for the video Power Rangers vs Voltron. Now we’re going back to look at the one helmet made for those piloting Voltron.

Like the other helmets, this was created by Morgan Morey who has made the design free to download off of MyMiniFactory.

Keeping with the theme, this also looks to be a brilliant recreation that has been sliced for easy 3D printing. In fact, it may be even easier if you need more than one, as the design remains the same, unlike the five different variations for the Power Rangers helmets.

All you need to do is either print them in different colours or paint them to your liking when they get off of the heat bed. Either way we really want one to pretend like we’re piloting a giant space robot while we type (we work from home so it’s not too embarrassing).

This isn’t the first time we’re written about Voltron, or 3D printing the robot. Someone has also put out a free design for a figurine and it may be turned into an official LEGO set in the future. And yes, both the figurine and the LEGO set are comprised of five smaller lions that join together to form the one giant robot.

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