Daleks are some of the most well known robotic menaces in science fiction, and now you can have an entirely non-threatening one in the form of an automated pumpkin.

Yes this bizarre project comes to use from the aptly named folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, specifically from co-founder .

Oskay took a regular pumpkin and fitted it with three motors: two for moving around and one to spin the head just like a “real” Dalek. This was then wired to an RC system.

The carving apparently took the most time. The rotating head is actually the bottom of the pumpkin that has been cut off and reattached at the top. Our favourite part of this project is how the round decals on the Dalek were created. Apparently they were made with a melon baller that was also used on the head.

Aside from the carving, the inclusion of a thermometer and whisk as the weapons arms were inspired touches.

If you want to look at the build log of this super advanced jack-o’-lantern check out the post on the  Evil Mad Scientist site. If you like reading about HP drafting plotters, upside down pumpkin carving and wiring up a vegetable, that’s where you’ll want to be.

This is the second time in recent memory that the venerable Daleks have been recreated in a less scary medium. They appeared alongside Cybermen and and the Doctor himself in LEGO Dimensions. Another humiliating task for the next Dalek: in LEGO Dimensions they’re not actually playable characters but are instead vehicles, so you can get the Doctor or a Cyberman to ride them like a Segway.


[Source – Evil Mad Scientist Via Arduino Blog]