Last year Pick n Pay launched a series of toys called Stikeez, which were given away with every R150 spent in stores. Mow the retail chain is bringing them back with a new line.

If you missed the Stikeez fad the simple little toys were colourful, flexible creatures, named for the suction cup on the bottom of every figure.

The new line, called “Stikeez 2 Creatures of the Deep” has a sea theme with many of the characters being based on aquatic lifeforms.

As with all these promotions, you’ll need to go into a Pick n Pay store and spend R150 to pick up one random toy. If you want to collect  all 24 you’ll need to spend a lot of money and have a lot of luck, and/or trade with fellow collectors.

There are also plush toys on sale for R99 each and  submarine tin for R50 that houses all your Stikeez.

To coincide with this campaign there’s an app available on iOS and Android. The app, Pick n Pay Stikeez of the Deep, requires players to physically go into stores and “catch’ the creatures in bubbles. We had a quick look around the app and all you can play without leaving your house is a practice mode.

The app was created by Sea Monster Entertainment, the same Cape Town-based developers who created the augmented reality (AR) app for Pick n Pay’s last campaign, Super Animals. We’re happy to see that they’re keeping development in the country.

The Stikeez 2 campaign will last until December 18th 2016 or  until the stocks run out. Check out the offical site if you want more information.