Free calling and messaging app, ttrumpet, has just launched a service that will allow users to report service delivery issues in their neighbourhood to their local municipality.

ttrumpet’s new “Ward” feature lets you report issues such as blocked drains, burst pipes, electricity outages, missing manhole covers, refuse issues, and faulty street signs.

The app geo-locates you, allowing municipalities to know exactly where the issues are and to move to correct them in a more timely fashion than previously.

Users and councillors then have the ability to view exactly what issues are occurring in their wards over time periods and types of issues.

“One of the challenges facing the public sector is actively engaging with local communities. Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between what is happening on the ground versus the service delivery requirements from municipalities. With our Ward feature, we are connecting the public and civil service to help eliminate this,” Charles Murray, director at ttrumpet, said in a statement.

The Ward feature is divided into several key sections. These consist of the map, an incident report, a record of the user’s contributions, list of wards and the relevant contact details.

“Users can set their personal preferences on what they want to be notified about to ensure the app remains unobtrusive. We have designed the new feature to bring communities and their wards together to affect change for the better. Not only will this make communities much safer, but also more efficient to embrace the concept of smart city living in the digital age,” Murray concluded.

You can download ttrumpet for free on Google Play and iTunes.