The disease ridden streets of Manhattan in Tom Clancy’s: The Division may soon be filled with agents again as Patch 1.4 gets disseminated to players today.

This latest patch is perhaps the most extensive update the game has seen since its initial release, and hopes to solve a lot of the problems The Division has with its endgame as well as a number of bugs.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of World Tiers. After reaching Level 30 players will be able to select a World Level Tier that will control the level of the NPCs as well the quality of the loot they drop. The difficulty level of missions and Incursions can still be changed between Normal, Hard and Challenging – no mention of Heroic – in these World Tiers and will yield additional rewards and loot.

The World Tiers, enemy level and reward tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Enemy level 30, 163 gear score level rewards
  • Tier 2: Enemy level 31, 182 gear score level rewards, unlocks Challenge difficulty, unlocks Incursions
  • Tier 3: Enemy level 32, 204 gear score level rewards
  • Tier 4: Enemy level 33, 229 gear score level rewards

Experience Manhattan

One of the biggest gripes for players who weren’t in the Dark Zone or grinding through the Underground expansion was that once you reach Level 30 there was no point in exploring the expansive world Massive had created. This was because players couldn’t earn experience beyond the max level. The developer has addressed this with Field Proficiency which now allows players to earn experience beyond level 30 and earn loot caches.

In addition to that, roaming NPC groups and bosses in the open world are back and will respawn every four hours. We hope this heralds the return of Bullet King, our favourite NPC boss.

Speaking of NPCs, Massive has made it so that enemies don’t take as long to dispatch. This is especially useful at higher levels where at times it might feel like 45 minutes of an hour long activity were spent laying waste to a boss.

Massive has also fixed a number of bugs, changed up every gear set in the game and reworked a number of skills.

Sadly we don’t have time to discuss all the changes but they’re detailed in full over on the official The Division website. If you played The Division at launch and abandoned it along the way be prepared for an entirely different game at least where weapons, skills, talents and NPCs are concerned. We foresee a number of players spending a considerable amount of time

Patch 1.4 goes live at today after some server maintenance and we’re quite excited to see how the game has changed and whether the game can hook its claws into us once again.

Once more into the breach as they say.