Xiaomi, a company best known for making reasonably priced, competent tech is offering a 10% off discount on its range of phones to South African students

To apply for the discount any student currently enrolled at a higher education institution needs to fill out a form with their details as well as uploading a proof of registration into their place of learning.

The form can be found on the South African Xiaomi site.

After filling out the form (a student card is good enough for the proof of registration by the way) Xiaomi will get back to you within one day. If you qualify they’ll send you a discount code for use on the official site only.

Looking at other tech companies offering such a deal locally, Apple also offers a student discount on their Mac laptops and desktops. In comparison, this is only a 3% discount.

Another difference there is that Apple opens the discount to teachers and staff members, while Xiaomi’s offer is only open to students.

Regardless this is still a great gesture on Xiaomi’s part. Our personal experience with reviewing several of its products has been positive, as it usually offers devices which excel in price per performance.

The Xiaomi devices which are applicable for the discount are as follows. Follow the links to see our reviews and whether or not they’re worth your money, discount or not.

//Update: We’ve edited the story to include more details about the process of getting the discount.