The Rea Vaya bus service commuter smartcards have gotten a slight makeover courtesy of Standard Bank and will make their debut tomorrow, according to the City of Joburg.

The new smartcards managed by the bank will work pretty much the same way as the current ones, managed by paypass and orange in colour, operate.

The smartcards will be available for purchase from tomorrow, 27th October at the Thokoza Park, Orlando Stadium, Diepkloof, UJ Kingsway, Park Station, Johannesburg ArtGallery and Carlton Centre Eastbound Rea Vaya stations.

Current smartcard
Current smartcard
New smartcard
New smartcard

The current smartcards are valid and will be used until they expire, lost or get damaged.

“Commuters are advised to keep their cards safe, treat as cash as no lost or stolen cards will be refunded from 27th October 2016,” the city said.

Below are the new smartcards operating terms and conditions:

  1. Keep your card safe at all times
  2. Treat the card as cash
  3. No lost or stolen cards will be refunded
  4. When you receive your card you agree to these terms. It is important to read and understand them before you use your card
  5. Your card will not work until it is activated
  6. You have to activate your card immediately after purchasing it.
  7. A consultant where you purchase your card will assist you to activate your card and also set your pin
  8. If you enter an incorrect pin three times in a row, all further transactions will be denied, your card will be blocked and you will no longer be able to use the  card.

For additional information, contact Rea Vaya on 0800 562 874.