When Titanfall 2 releases locally in just two days, it will join the new standard of AAA games having a local RRP of R1 000 (or R999 if we’re being pedantic).

Luckily, there is a way to buy it slightly cheaper than that.

Online retailer Green Man Gaming is offering a pre-order deal on the game for “only” $48.99 (R671.99), down from the regular price of $59.99 (R822,84).

Aside from pointing out a good deal when we see one – that’s the cheapest we’ve seen the game go for – it also highlights a problem with Origin. While EA’s online platform for selling games does have listings in rands, it’s doesn’t boast Steam’s lovely regional pricing.

What this means is that, at some point or another, someone decided that $60 equals R1 000, when that isn’t always the case. This is a blanket conversion done on Origin which is unlike Steam, which usually has games cheaper. Hell, sometimes Steam  is cheaper even when there are sales on.

Looking at physical copies, BT Games is selling the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions for R1 025, while PC costs R899. The official online stores for the consoles are different: you’ll be paying R829 on PS4 and R799 on XBO.

Finally: don’t pre-order games, just don’t, regardless of price. If you are going to pre-order, this is more of a helping hand so you can get your mistake for less money.

The only outlet we could find that has a review completed is Polygon who reviewed the game at an event. Rather wait for the full reviews to come out before you buy.