A little African boy writing on a piece of paper with a very stern look on his face has captured the hearts of many on social media, after having become an instant meme sensation. But the big question is, who is he?

This is the original photo we’re talking about (isn’t he adorable?).

Jake meme

And these are just some of the memes that have been made from it.

Thanks to some digging by This Is Africa, it has been established that “boy with pen” is one Jake from Ghana and the photo was taken in January this year by Ghanaian photographer, Solomon Adufah, as part of a photo series he was doing to help underprivileged school kids across the continent.

Below is the original Instagram post featuring the now famous photo, with a really touching story behind it.


While at Jake’s school, Adufah handed the boy and his schoolmates stationery to allow them to explore their creative side, as all children should be encouraged to do.

Well, that solves that mystery, thanks This Is Africa.