The story behind Jake the “boy with a pen” meme┬ábecomes more heartwarming by the day.

Yesterday, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on GoFundMe to help support the little boy and other underprivileged kids like him in their Ghanaian village.

Four-year-old Jake has grown to become an adorable meme sensation here in South Africa over the last few of weeks, thanks to a photo of him posted back in January, by a Ghanaian artist named Solomon Adufah, who has a passion for helping children in Asempanaye village, Ghana.

Speaking of the photo of Jake, it was taken by a photographer named, Carlos Cortes, who has been documenting Adufah’s philanthropic travels.

Adufah started the campaign to raise $20 000 (R278 000) to fund his drive to hand out stationery and nurture artistic skills in children in Ghana.

“Now being in the US, I’ve been privilege to have the best resources and opportunities with art. In my heart, I always knew there was a possible way to give back using my talent. I’ve visiting Ghana twice teaching and mentoring the children. Earlier this year, I spent three months in East Africa; Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda teaching and mentoring children. I will be traveling back to Ghana to the village of Asempanaye to continue teaching the children and providing resources. Most importantly, I would love to help Jake in his education as well as others who are extremely eager to learn, [sic]” Adufah wrote on the campaign page.

The campaign has so far raised $1 225 dollars in 18 hours and has been shared over 1 000 times on Facebook.