The Humble Store is running a “Halloween Horror Sale” for the next four days, just in time for the weekend, and Halloween if your internet is slow

As is appropriate you’ll find horror titles such as Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent on discount, selling for $12 (R167) and $5  (R70) respectively.

But it’s not just that genre, it seems that any game with even a hint of something spooky got thrown into the sale, and that usually takes the form of zombies. Dead Rising, Zombi, Dead Island and more are currently on sale.

As we mentioned the last time the Humble Store ran a sale, check Steam before you make any purchases. Steam’s local pricing means that, sometimes, a game will be cheaper on that platform without a discount, compared to the marked down price in dollars on the Humble Store.

Speaking of Steam, there is usually a Halloween sales that goes on this time of year and local pricing plus a discount is sure to top most offers on the Humble Store. Because owners Valve never tell anything to anyone, there’s no official word regarding when it will go live. Rumours say it should be tonight, so hold off buying anything until that happens.

If you need help deciding what’s worth your time and money, check out our reviews of some of the games available at a discount: