A Swedish motoring magazine has posted a video to YouTube that shows how badly a 2016 Toyota Hilux handles in something called “the moose test.”

The test, conducted by Teknikens Varld, involves swerving in one direction and then immediately swerving in the opposite direction. It’s meant to mimic a driver taking evasive action. The test was done with a Toyota Hilux SR5 at a speed of approximately 60kph and you can watch the results below.

This video is currently sitting at number three on YouTube’s Trending video section and has garnered nearly two million views at time of writing. The same test was conducted on a Hilux with 17inch rims rather than 18inch and the results were marginally better.

All other vehicles featured in the video passed the moose test.

In response to the test Toyota Japan said that it is taking the results of the test seriously and added, “we are currently in discussions with the publication to find out additional details about the test.”

“To further ensure the safety and security of our customers, we will conduct a thorough analysis of their test and quickly determine our response,” the vehicle manufacturer said.

Now while the exact model used in the test above – the SR5 – is not currently being advertised for sale in South Africa, we have asked Toyota South Africa if this problem might extend to other models.

Given the speed at which this problem has come to light, Toyota is not able to respond to our request immediately but once more information comes to light the firm has said it will furnish more details.

In the mean time, if you’re driving a Hilux, perhaps take it slow and try to avoid moose on your way home this weekend.