Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi labeled a “fraudster” in parliament

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A member of Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications has labeled Hlaudi Motsoeneng ‘a fraudster’ for lying about his educational qualifications.

Cope member of parliament and committee member, Willy Madisha, was addressing the SABC board at a meeting held between it and the committee, to discuss Mostoeneng’s appointment as the public broadcaster’s GE of Corporate Affairs, among other things.

“The SABC belongs to the people of our country and we cannot allow any one individual to destroy that which belongs to 50 million people of South Africa,” Madisha started off during his probe of the board.

Madisha said the SABC is made up by two groups: one including Motsoeneng alone and the other including the rest of the execs.

“Why has the board employed and again saved a fraudster? He is a fraudster because here we are dealing with a person who misrepresents his qualifications. Are we therefore sure…that he will be less fraudulent as he continues to do that kind of thing [sic],” he said.

“I want to emphasise to the board that we’re dealing with a fraudster because in the very same way, person’s who’ve gone out and looked for jobs, showing [fake] certificates, it has been indicated that they are fraudsters,” Madisha added.

Committee chair, Humphrey Maxegwana, warned against calling Motsoeneng a fraudster, as he cannot respond or talk during the meeting.

EFF MP, Floyd Shivambu, interrupted Maxegwana to remind him that the Public Protector’s report on the SABC states that Mostoeneng fraudulently presented his educational qualifications, and therefore calling him a fraudster is not un-parliamentary or unfair.

“It’s basic English that if you represent something through fraudulent means, you are a fraudster,” Shivambu said.



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