It appears as if the FNB App is experiencing issues this morning.

While the app does try to open, it eventually fails and the user is informed that “Your device is unable to connect”, before being prompted to check their connection settings or contact the FNB Call Centre which some users have said is constantly busy.

The screen FNB App users are met with while trying to connect this morning.
The screen FNB App users are met with while trying to connect this morning.

This is concerning for a number of reasons; chief among them is the fact that FNB now uses Smart inContact – an in app function – to deliver one-time PINs rather than a text message.

At time of writing FNB has not responded to users on Twitter as to why the service might be down.

The FNB caricature known as RB Jacobs is however responding to a number of other complaints that users have brought forward.

A number of users have also reported that FNB’s online banking website is also down as well but upon accessing the website on a desktop PC with the Google Chrome browser we found the site to be functional.

We have contacted FNB to find out what exactly is going on with its app and how soon customers will be able to start transacting through the app again. As soon as the institution issues a response we will update you here.

UPDATE: 01/11

FNB chief information officer, Mo Hassem has responded to our request for comment saying, “FNB is aware of an intermittent connectivity issue that is impacting the FNB Banking App and some call centres. The bank apologises to impacted customers for the inconvenience caused. We are working hard to resolve the matter and restore services. We encourage customers to make use of alternative channels such as Online Banking, Cellphone Banking and ATMs.”

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