Drinkin’ Buddy, or just Buddy, is a protectron robot from Fallout 4 that can produce and serve up cold beer on demand.

While that may sound like something you desperately would want to have in real life, never mind a post-apocalyptic videgame world, the best we can do for now is a 3D-printed scale model that comes with none of the beer serving abilities.

Created by Welsh engineer Daniel Lilygreen, you can download yourself a Buddy from MyMiniFactory for free. Lilygreen has been on our site before for a variety of 3D prints from DOOM and Fallout 4.

As you can see from the pictures below, Lilygreen has not applied any finishing to Buddy so it doesn’t look too much like its in-game counterpart. This is good because you get to see what it would look like straight off of the printer. We’d bet money that some skilled hands and some decent paint would turn this into an instant collectable.

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